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During a visit to one of my friends houses, it really hit me how so many women do not know how to shop for their body top. She orderd a dress from online that just would not fit her properly, she is about 5’2″ while I myself and 5’11’ somehow the dress would not fit over her “assests” but fit me perfectly and she just wondered how? Well she was an apple body type, with a big booty while I myself am a pear with a large bust.Which allows for the “fit” of items to be different between the two of us. Below we have composed a write up of each of the body types to help you determine your shape so you can shop by your own body type.

1)The “Hourglass” has hips and bust of almost equal size with a defined narrow waist.You should be having a 8-10 inch difference between your bust and waist,and your hips and waist. Body fat distribution tends to be around both the upper body and lower body. You might consider yourself lucky if you have this,but you still want to know how to highlight your figure,instead of drapping it with the clothes and wasting your best asset.

2) The Pear,The hip measurement is greater than the bust measurement. The distribution of fat varies, with fat tending to deposit first in the buttocks, hips, and thighs. You have a defined waist, and are smaller up top than down bottom . Then again hips dont lie so this can also be a great plus for you.

3)The apple, If you have a larger abdomen then you are most probably an apple, also known as
the “Oval shape. Most people of this category have an average height to shorter height,and a large bust. The majority of weight is gained in their midsection.

4)The banana,Basically the girl who can wear anything because she has the “Model body type” ,you have the same measurements all over your bust,waist and rear.
Overall, every women should be proud of her body as we all have distinct differences, this is just a small guide to help you find the best items based off of your body type.

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