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Gabrielle "Stylistbyair"

We had the chance to meet up with Gabrielle the face behind @stylistbyair on instagram . She linked up with us to do a feature on Fashion Bomb Daily. She is Such an amazing person! Read more below and see her "Stylist Picks" from our current selection of pieces!



1. What made you start your Stylistbyair instgram :


Well, I got off work one day and was scrolling through instagram, I saw a post where someone said people where stealing there fashion pictures and Polyvore sets, and I decided to make my own fashion Polyvore. Initially, I only got a few hits, but overtime making the sets became addictive, I just kept going and kept making more sets and fashion post and never gave up. I never imagined so many people would be into my sets, The buzz grew and grew and now I have many amazing followers and influencers who like my sets.


2.What is the defining moment that made "Stylistbyair" "pop":


There are soooo many moments that equaled up to my successful fashion account, but one I can clearly recall is Fashion Bomb Daily reposting my sets! I tagged them in my sets and they noticed me and reposted.


3. What influences your since of style?


Ummm Everything lol Music, Movies, Art, Celebrities or just anything I see that catches my eye.


4. Which Designers/ Brands Influence you? :


There are sooo many! To name a few,  Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Polo, Rick Owens, Valentino, Versace, Balenciaga, Juicy Couture, Vetemets, Off white, Fear of God, Dior, Hm, Forever 21 , Macy's ,Nordstrom. I also like Vintage boutique shopping, especially when they carry high end designers.



5. What is the most Stressful thing about your account?


I would say with the amount of people following me, I have a lot of people who will expect free stuff and come at me left and right. I don't mind helping people, but it was hard work building this following! Sometimes, I get really rude comments that will come out of no where from random people, I'm like "bro really!" it's my profile not everyone has to like everything, but you don't have to be rude either.


6. Which Celebrities have reached out to you or liked your post:


Hmm there are a few, Charlie Baltimore , Christina Milan was the first , Ashanti, Rasheeda, Lil Mo, 2chainz Reposted one of my sets , Cardi b, Eva Marcella , Tami Rivera.



7. What do we have to look forward to from you in 2017:


More pictures of me! I wanted to let my work speak for itself, now that I feel it has, I would love for people to see more of me. I will be starting a clothing line, and makeup line. Of course there will be more "Stylistbyair" sets and fashionable finds on my instagram. I'm also considering doing a webinar on how to gain a social media presence and loyal followers. So many people ask me about this.


8. What is your "End Goal" from your "Stylist by air" profile:


Having my own store would be great, Featuring my clothing line, lipgloss and skincare. Showing others how to build an Audience and branding.



We think Gabrielle is Dope AF, and we are sure you all do too. If your not already make sure to following her Fashion instagram @stylistbyair.  We only see amazing things coming from her and can't wait to see her clothing line because we know it will be EVERYTHING! Look below at some of Gabrielle's Stylist Picks from 7slayz collection.

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