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Sigourney Salley "StyleGxd"

We recently got the chance to speak with this amazing gem of a Stylist Sigourney Salley infamously know as "StyleGxd" . You can see her styling all over T.V. and on some of your favorite Celebrities, her styling is effortlessly edgy and cool! Read below to see how she started her journey in this fashion world.


1.What made you want to enter into the world of fashion? What made you choose a career in styling specifically rather than anything else?

Fashion has always been a part of my life - my mother was the ultimate shopper and dresser! Her closet to this day still mesmerizes me but I always get caught when I take a piece lol!
I feel like styling chose me. I became mesmerized with Lil Kim - Foxy Brown - Total growing up and their style - the swag - the freeness in fashion and I started to wonder where they dressing themselves or was their a mastermind behind it all. Once I researched and found out who Groovey Lew and June Ambrose I realized my heart and soul were hooked. 
  1. What was your first experience styling? Did that experience come easily or was it a little more difficult than you imagined?
My first experience styling was with Trace Magazine. Initially I was their special events and marketing coordinator yet through me trying to find myself I ultimately became their "Trace Magazine Blog" Main Editor. 
I had helped out on a Sanitgold photoshoot and that experience changed my life. I was determined to be a stylist and what better platform then a blog - at this time it was 2007 and the blogosphere was different - they were limited. So through me adding fashion content and conducting shoots I got my name out there. 
  1. What inspires your styling?
Life Inspires Me. I do my Fashion research with magazines - newsletters (WWD) - Internet yet nothing compares to weirdly say "people watching". Everyone dresses different so I take elements from each person and put my interpretation on it. 
  1. Which celebrities have you styled?
Black Ink Crew Cast Members (Sky - Dutchess - Walter - Sassy - Puma - O Shit ) - Amber Rose - Jack Thriller - Kid Fury - Money Violence Cast Member (Sophia Body) - SisterHood Of Hip Hop Cast Members (Bia - Nyemiah Supreme) - Nicki Minaj - Elle Varner - Josiah HotWire - Dawn Richards - She's Ryan - Mob Wives Cast Member (Big Ang) - MadameMosielle - EliSoul (Model) 
  1. What are your favorite brands/designers?
I'm in love at this moment with independent designers like "Nene La Shiro - Located In New York" & "Fabric Slayer - Located In Florida." My Go To Designers  - Alexander Wang - Surface To Air - Sandro - Opening Ceremony to name a few. 
  1. What has been your biggest challenge in the fashion industry?
Balancing regular life with industry life. It's completely different -- it's ultimately finding the balance between your personal and work life. Can't be all work and no play especially when your creative. I'm focused but I also understand that life is my inspiration so I need to live it. 
  1. What has been your favorite experience?
My favorite experience is currently happening with my client Sky. We've built a trust level to start to expand with more projects and to also bring my career full circle not only being a show / personal stylist adding on executive assistant. I'm all about growth and building my brand and others. 
  1. What can we expect to see from you and your styling in the future?
You'll be seeing my work everywhere with Sky:  Brunch With Tiffany - Black Ink Season 6 (Filming Soon) - Scared Famous (Filming Soon) - Behind The Ink : Black Ink Crew etc. Also I'll be speaking on a lot of panels to encourage young women that they can do anything - TRUST ME! 
  1. Lastly, what would you say to young women and men looking to follow in your footsteps and break into this business?
Believe in yourself. Remind yourself "I'm a savage". Don't let anyone steal your dream -- we all may have similar dreams yet your path is different. 
Also if you ever need advice reach out to me via Instagram @stylegxd ! 
Interview conducted by: Alexandria Vaughan


Here are a few of StyleGxd's Stylist Picks below!

Elements Blouse

Origami Dress

Life's a beach dress

I think I love her dress




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